Sunday, November 7, 2010

Polaroid Week Fall 2010

Just thought I would post my shots from Polaroid week which just concluded on 11/5. I shot mostly Impossible's new film PX600UV since I had just received the 4 packs I won the week before (yah, perfect timing!). I did also shoot some PZ and some ATZ edge cut. I went into it with the intent of posting new recent shots as well as trying to get some new shots during the week itself, which I was able to do. I managed to challenge myself a bit in the process as well.

I've only shot one pack so far of the PX600UV film and had a variety of results. In some ways it seemed more like a first flush pack, had a lot of shots with artifacts and weird splotches, not sure if it was just a funky pack or something to do with the cold clip during processing (or maybe a little bit of both). Most people seem to have very positive results though. At the same time, I got some fantastic, deep black and white tones in some and others were very sepia or charcoal like. I don't have a 680 camera, so I had to use a ND filter on the lens of my SX-70 and tried to remember to keep the exposure wheel dialed dark.

The PZ600 film keeps coming back as a fave of mine of the monochrome films. They seem to have a found a good balance of quality and stability. I'm also finding that I'm enjoying shooting with the Spectra SE camera more and more as well.

I really love the quality of the ATZ edge cut film. Just beautiful tones and colors. I only have a a few shots left and then one more pack...

Day 1. ATZ edge cut

PZ Palms
Day 1. PZ600

Day 2. PX600UV

Day 2. PX600UV

Day 3. PX600UV

Day 3. PX600UV

Flared Toes
Day 4. PX600UV

Day 4. PX600UV

Good Morning Sunshine
Day 5. ATZ edge cut

Mmm Gooood
Day 5. ATZ edge cut

One of the nice things about Polaroid Week is how much positive attention it brings to everyone. So many people participating and sharing. Finding lots of new and talented photographers/artists and in general, just being inspired by so much great imagery. Already looking forward to next Spring!



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