Monday, November 8, 2010

Lomo Does The Getty

Getty Scuplture
Polaroid Mio, Fuji Instax Mini film.

The Lomography Store here in West Hollywood have started to do what they call "Lomo Adventures" instead of a workshop at the store, they head out with some sort of theme in mind, this one was to The Getty Center Museum. It costs a little bit more then the workshops, but for $25 not to bad. Pretty sure this was their first one (they've done a couple of others since, a double decker bus touring L.A. and also an outing to Día de los Muertos festival at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery). Just had to be at the store at noon (return by 4pm). Got a choice of a Lomo loaner camera and a roll of film (I went with the Lubitel 166+ with 35mm mod), plus chartered bus to and from The Getty. Also, there would be a special surprise waiting for us and another loaner camera, which turned out to be a scavenger hunt! Off everyone went with Diana cams with Instax film backs to capture the items on the list. Had to track down various sculptures and garden items that were printed on the list. Had fun running walking quickly around the beautiful grounds at The Getty. The regular visitors seemed to not notice us much and the hunt itself was harder then I thought it would be i.e. didn't was fun though.

My only real complaint was that I didn't get a chance to check out any of the exhibits. We left late from the store since a few people were running behind, the scavenger hunt itself lasted longer then I think they had planned for and then in the process having a roll of film that I needed to get thru at the end meant no casual time to wander in the nice comfortable galleries (it was warm out). Then again, I guess if I had won something then I'd have nothing to gripe about. ; ) All I'm saying is that it would have been nice to still have the time to appreciate the art and wander around in addition to the surprise scavenger hunt, it just didn't work out that way for me (I think a few people opted to just wander). Did get to meet some cool people that day and got to spend a nice afternoon in a beautiful location with great views and most importantly, took some photos. There are some iPhone Hipstamatic shots on my flickr page that I took as well.

As for the loaner camera, I found the Lubitel 166+ to be a really great camera. Offers a lot of precision control for what's supposed to be a plastic camera. A full range of F-stops and shutter speeds. You can double expose as well since you have to cock the shutter on the lens, which is quite sharp by the way. The 35mm mod was cool to use. Has a screen in place with the 35mm marks in the viewfinder so you can properly frame it. Since you get the normal width of what would be medium format 6x6 film and sprockets you get less shots per roll. For a 24 exp roll of 35mm film it worked out to 12 shots. One nice thing about it being plastic was that it didn't feel like you were lugging a heavy metal camera like a Mamiya C330 even though it looks like one and performed great. Adding another camera to the want list.

Lubitel on Chair

 Flowers  Greens

City View  Cactus
Lubitel 166+ with 35mm mod, Klick color negative film, processed normal C-41.

Check out their site for a schedule of upcoming events. I know there are a couple of Diana F+ workshops coming up plus they're doing a closing night party on Nov 14th. The parties are pretty fun. They have a band play, plus snacks and a open beer bar. Good times.

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  1. wow the Getty museum! luv this place and ur photos!



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