Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ghostly Sin

Ghostly Sin, originally uploaded by LeandroF.
PX70 Cool • Definitely the color formula I liked the most especially as it aged.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

And that was 2013...

My blog was terribly neglected last year - so here is a 'short' recap/roundup of a few interesting
things from 2013.

Planning to refresh the blog design more posts and photos!

• • •

First up, the Wonderful Wine Company licensed a Holga film image of mine for use on their 2011 red wine called Score. Pretty cool. You can find the wine here at Club W, plus many other varieties.

Wonderful Wine Co. 'Score' wine label
Score Wine
Shoes on a Wire
Expired x-pro/cross-processed Fuji Astia

I completed a 365 instant film project last May as well (May 2012-May 2013). A challenging project to the say least. Shot primarily with Impossible films of various editions as well as some expired Polaroid and Fuji, both Instax and peel-apart. The project was intended as a exercise to look for repeating/emerging themes in my images and to look for other series to build off of. To see how I viewed/captured things around me, daily. It was also a technical one, to get more familiar with the quirks of my aging cameras and the various films from Impossible.

365 3.0/006
365 3.0/030 Resting Feet 365 3.0/051 Cactus 365 3.0/066 Figure 365 3.0/111 Marc Jacobs Wedge Sandals 365 3.0/166 Mannequins 365 3.0/219 Thoughts 365 3.0/222 The Portal Is Now Open 365 3.0/252 Julia
365 3.0/292 Flow 
365 3.0/307 The Engineer 
  365 3.0/344 Kiss
365 3.0/310 Charlie Sleeps On Sins Feets 365 3.0/364 • I ❤ Lucie

Impossible had a pop-up gallery store last April here in Hollywood. They demoed the 8x10 BW instant film and I had my portrait taken. It was pretty fun and cool. Got to meet some of the Impossible USA team and several of the great instant photographers I'd been following on Flickr and Twitter.
365 3.0/335 8x10 Impossible Project Portrait Demo 365 3.0/334 8x10
8x10 Me

• • •

Almost forgot! Got featured on the Impossible Project 8 Exposure blog. That was pretty cool.
Somehow, in my mind though, I keep thinking that happened in 2012.

After the instant 365 project, I took a bit of break. Found myself shooting at a much slower pace and using my other film and plastic cameras a bit more. I picked up a Diana f+ Mini which is a lot of fun to shoot with. Particularly like the half frame option and creating in camera diptychs, though after awhile you can't really keep track of where you are at. Usually works out though, and the mini square format is nice as well.

Untitled Untitled

Shadow Self and Charlie

LeggyX | ¯¯

Got my motorcycle license over the summer (need an M1 license in CA, even for Vespas).

Let's Scoot!

More Holga images of course. 

}Anika Flowers / \Dinner Choices

Been embracing the rangefinder more and more.

Yashica Electro 35 GSN

Shadow MeThis way \ _

And some Zorki 4

UntitledMorning  Leaves and BranchesYuk

Even revisited my first SLR, Minolta SRT-101...still great!
Going to start putting this cam back into my rotation.

WarmingMirror Me LucieToes

Hasselblad 500cm

Charlie* The Old Home Place-

And of course there was great coffee....

Coffee Triptych

365 3.0/343 Morning Coffee + Scone Stumptown Cold Brew 365 3.0/286 Morning Brew Choco Coffee


I still have lots of images from 2013 to post. As for the rest of 2014, I have some recent Hasselblad and misc 35mm images to post soon. More Holga and instant shots coming. Hoping to get a few of the new series I've had in mind started this year, as well as more regular blog posts again.

And more coffee will be had!


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