Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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365 2.0/276, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

I had the fortune of winning a Black Slim Devil from Nic over at Four Corners Dark blog. Nic had a contest going to help promote his special limited edition, secret camera to be sold for 100 percent of it to go to his local animal rescue shelter charity. The contest was simple, closest guess wins. I guessed holga mod and that's what he had. Limited edition of 10, custom holgas from, with closer focusing, custom masks, plus some cool film from Nic's own rare stash and other accessories. I wish I could have purchased one, great kit, but the timing was not good for me unfortunately. A portion of all his sales goes to the animal shelter. Pretty cool. So I ordered a bunch of 35mm film to go with my new Black Slim Devil. Thanks again Nic!

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  1. Have fun with it! And email us some images when you get some! Cheers-- NIC



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