Thursday, December 31, 2009

SX-70 Fade to Black

Finally tried out the Fade to Black film from ImpossibleUSA Shop. 1st shot is below. This is some pretty interestingly cool film. Love the tone shift and gradual loss of detail as it darkens, like it's melting almost, but with this beautiful warm chocolately coffee bleed thru. It definitely shifted quickest in the first 6 hours or so, then it seemed to just get more gradually dark. Planning ahead, I just setup my scanner and left it on the glass and just kept scanning it every hour or so for the first 10+ hours, then it sat overnight and I scanned a few more, but with 2 hour gaps. Definitely a greater commitment of my time in order to get all the scans vs waiting and trying one of the wet/dry techniques. I really do like all the versions though and I'm glad I have the option to choose. Either way, doing these in the field might prove to be tricky, unless you're prepared.

SX70 Fade to Black Mosaic, originally uploaded by LeandroF.
Polaroid SX-70 classic camera, Polaroid Fade to Black film. Approximately 24 hours development.

365 2.0/364

Polaroid SX-70 classic camera, Polaroid/Polapremium Fade to Black film. Approximately 5-1/2 hours development.


  1. Very cool! I have some to try out as well :)

  2. That is an interesting idea - I hadn't thought of it in that way before: get 16 images out of one single shot, albeit only have one of them in "hard copy". Very cool!



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