Wednesday, December 23, 2009

stairs and hallway

365 2.0/354, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Finally got some of the Fuji Instant film (color and high speed b&w). Picked it up at Freestyle Photo, no crowds or lines and friendly/helpful staff. It had been a while since I been in there.

This shot came out a bit darker then I had envisioned, but very happy with it just the same. Not sure if the meter is a little off or if I need to over compensate a lot more for the film speed/camera speed difference then what I did here (or maybe a little bit of both).

Polaroid 340 Land camera, Fuji FB-100C instant film. Portrait kit attached.


  1. That's a lovely shot - any brighter and the image would lose it's atmosphere!

  2. Thanks Charles, I appreciate that. This would be one of those nice happy accidents.



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