Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Old Roads

365 2.0/362, originally uploaded by LeandroF.
An actual small town moment. I pulled over to take this picture, the climbing road perspective and crossing power lines caught my eye. Its a side road that doesn't usually get much traffic. I put my hazards on, stepped out and waited a couple of minutes for a utility truck to pass, took the shot (could have sworn that I had framed it better), got back in and just then a car pulled along side. Was expecting a hey watch out or something like that. It was an older man asking if I needed help. Smiled and told him no thanks, was just taking a picture and he proceeded to tell me that I could go over the hill and make a left to get to some great viewpoints. Thought, wow, how nice. I hardly recall any moments like that, and I grew up here.

Polaroid 340 camera, Fuji Instant C100 film.


  1. what a story! i love it! mind if i post a link to it on my blog! xx

  2. Thanks! And no prob, link away!



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