Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Sample of Ojai via an SX-70

Got to try out my "new" SX-70 Sonar while we were vacationing in Ojai, CA last weekend. Was quite happy with how it performed. My only complaint is that its a little bit more awkward to travel with compared to the classic manual. Or I just need to find a better bag. I do need to get a neck strap for it though. Nice thing about walking around Ojai is that most things of interest were 5 minutes from our Inn. Easy parking, plenty of food choices and nice variety of shops. For as small of a town as it is, there is quite a bit of interesting things to photograph and be inspired by. If we had stayed an additional day I would have easily gone thru my other pack of film. Up next, Holga shots. Dropped film off at the lab today, probably will have something to see by mid-week. Stay tuned.

branches          parasol

branches & leaves          Ojai Cactus 2

avocados          Ojai Cactus 1

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