Saturday, April 11, 2009


365 2.0/69
Sometime in College I was introduced to Holgas, along with some other alternative systems and Polaroid of course, but something about Holgas and toy cams in general were frustrating for me at the time. I found myself fighting it. At some point I put the Holga away. I even had a second one new in a box that I sold, but I kept one. And there it sat in a drawer of gear after several different homes and lifetimes for a good ten years. A few months back I found myself looking more and more for holga imagery and really liking it. Researching all the mods. Pricing out processing and scanners (ugh). Going through my now very expired stock of 120 film (with added delight), both color neg, e-6 and black and white. Overall, just thinking square and fuzzy. So, I dusted off the old 120S. I've shot a few rolls, including a 35mm mod. I have to say, I've really missed film. Something about it really makes sense to me now. Anyone can shoot a decent image now due to the proliferation of good digital cameras. Something about that process and "perfection" made me want to explore the basics again, the unpredictable aspects of film and toy cameras, especially that of a Holga. Needless to say, I have found a new appreciation for it and inspiration from it.

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