Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back to Basics

When I was a kid, I always had a thing for photography. Close to twenty years later, I've gone from the 110 camera, to my first Minolta 35mm fully manual camera before I was sixteen. Sometime in college I moved up to a Yashica 35mm then eventually a Contax 35mm system. In that time I also had medium format cameras as well. I had a Mamiya twin lens, a 645 system and a Hasselblad system. Always loved film. Studied it in school, worked commercially for awhile and currently I shoot something everyday. Like most, I made the transition (mostly) to digital what seems like a quite a while ago now. I still love it. I have a Nikon dslr and kick ass point and shoot, the now infamous Panasonic DMC-LX3. I literally shoot with it daily. In fact its partly responsible, because the images reminded me of film. Something was nagging at me...

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