Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cold and Wet

Its been a strange winter weather wise here in Southern California.
We've had some wonderful summer like days in the middle of January,
but plenty of wet and cold to counter it. I was curious to see how cross
processing the film would translate with dark, wet and dreary days.

.  .

Wet Leaves  Puddle Palms

Stormy Palms  Red Skies

Branches  .

Red Balloons  = { =
All images shot with a Holga 120CFN with Fuji Provia X400/RXP chrome film,
 cross process C-41 and scanned from negatives.


  1. Very cool photos. I have yet to get around to cross processing any color reversal film, but I may be inspired now that I've seen how some of your work has turned out.

  2. incribles fotos!! las holgas moolan mucho :)



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