Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gonna Take You Down To Chinatown

Spent the afternoon with my friend Julia wandering around Chinatown here in Los Angeles. For one reason or another I'd never gotten around to really checking it out. I definitely found myself inspired. Obviously all that red had something to do with it, the architecture, street musicians, food and overall it was just pretty cool. Its not a huge area, but had a lot of activity going on with lots of people walking around, shops and musicians playing traditional Chinese guitar type instruments, made it feel a little less L.A. like. After we were done shooting, we had a great late lunch at Via Cafe. You can check out my food blog for that. Gave me a chance to test out some Polaroid ATZ edge cut film and another new film, Fuji RXF400 chrome which I cross processed and pushed and some expired Fuji NPS160 color neg film that was processed +1/2 and C-41. Its interesting with the cross processing of Fuji chrome films how they all seem to go to a different color dominant shift. Astia went green, RDPIII went more yellow, Sensia went yellow/green and the RXF had a blue/cyan shift. The older the film the greater the shift. 


Chinatown Lanterns Chinatown Sincere


Chinatown Dragon Chinatown Square

Chinatown Fruit and Vegetables

Broadway in Chinatown

Holga 120CFN. Fuji NPS160 color negative and Fuji RXF400 Chrome film 
cross processed C-41.

I really like the quality of the ATZ edge cut film, instant vintage. Suddenly it felt like a different time. This film really performed well for something that used to get tossed out by Polaroid. Unfortunately there were very few packs made available for sale and its all gone. I still have 2 packs remaining.

Red LanternsRed Lanterns and Shadows

Phoenix Bakery

Lucky DeliChinatown Street Musician

Red Lanterns

Polaroid SX-70 Sonar, expired Artistic TZ edge cut film.

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