Thursday, April 29, 2010

Impossible PX100 FF 2nd Pack

Just a quick post. Got thru my second pack of PX100 film and had much better and consistent results then my first pack, however the weather did cool off slightly and I think that may have something to do with it. That 65-70 degree range really does make a difference. So far I tend to prefer this film with the lighter, slightly washed out qualities. Haven't quite gotten a handle on the warmer scale of things yet. Also, haven't done to much experimenting yet to determine how to best push this film. Figuring out how to get a good exposure has been its own challenge already. That will be coming next I think. I also want to try out some filtration on the front to see how that will effect things and see how different combos of maybe overexposing when its warm out vs underexposing when its cold or freezing it then warming it. I definitely had a bit more fun playing with focus and tonality on this pack. I'm impressed with how much subtle information is retained especially with throwing things out of focus. The more comfortable I get with how this film works the more I like it and appreciate it. Trying to decide if I should try some PX600 in my SX-70 as well. Some examples I've seen have looked pretty good. I'm keeping my eye out for a SLR 680, but apparently so are plenty of other people. The spike in pricing is amazing.

wall vines
Overcast day, slightly underexposed on the dial, placed into cold clip quickly.

Ghostly Sin III
Overcast day, covered with my hand quickly then into a cold clip.

Breadbar baguettes
Indoors, indirect light, didn't cover on eject, placed face down then into a cold clip. Also, this shot combines two of my favorite interests, film and food. Check out my food blog Grumble Grumble.

Bunny Trooper
Open shade, but not covered up quickly enough, then put into a cold clip that wasn't all that warm.

Indoors, very low light, probably a 10-15 second exposure and hand held. Left face down to develop.

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