Sunday, March 28, 2010

Silky Goodness

Ice, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

1st shots with Polaroid 125i Silk film. Ordered from The Impossible Project a month or so ago. Had never heard of it/seen it before other then their site. Its the cheapest of their pack film offers, figured why not. I shot these with my 450 camera. The texture is kinda trippy. I thought it was going to be more matte like, it actually has a dappled type of texture to it. Very much like old print films of the 60s maybe early 70s. I think it enhances perceptual sharpness somehow or something like that, although scanning it kind of enhances the texture more so. The color quality is pretty nice. The yellow and the reds pop nicely, blues are pleasant. Not sure how often I would use this particular type again, just depends on the subject matter I suppose. I do like it though. Anyone know what the original intent of the silk surface?


Hands and Covers

Polaroid 450 camera, expired Polaroid 125i Silk type 100 film.

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