Friday, January 15, 2010

Fade + New Gear

Few more Polaroid Fade to Black SX-70 shots. One regular shot and two abstract accidental shots. My SX-70 started acting up. Something is wrong with the shutter/exposure. Then, I actually broke it (I've owned it for 12+ years). Ugh. The side with release lever has always been a bit stiff to open compared to the other side. I went to unfold it and open it up and I managed to actually tear the view finder on the left side. Its still some what functional, need some sort of wedge tool to pop open that side. Still going to try to fix it. Until then, I just received a potentially good ebay score for a SX-70 Sonar. So far, preliminary empty pack with battery testing and general focusing and open and closing looks/feels good. Overall condition is really good. Will put film in and test next and report back tomorrow. Seems like the sonar models are easier to get for good (not inflated) prices.



French Press Coffee

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