Sunday, November 29, 2009

Polaroid Fun

Been on the hunt for Polaroid gear lately in anticipation of The-Impossible-Project launch. I already have a SX-70 thats been sitting away in a drawer waiting to be used again. Haven't shot anything with it in about 6 years I think. Hoping it still works, I've had it for about 14 years. I have a few 600 and TimeZero cameras in storage (somewhere). Also have several 100 series pack cameras. Been trying to use my 340 (I have a close up kit that fits it) with some Fuji brand instant film and that has been a pain. First had to get a new battery. Then found film at Amazon for a good price and free shipping if I spend over $25, which means 3 packs, but thought I could get it locally at Samy's Camera, same price as Amazon, but get only one or two packs. Trying to keep the spending down (and didn't feel like waiting for it). : ) Waited in line for 15+ minutes, asked for 2 packs and they tell me its almost $30. Apparently their online price differs from their in store price. Didn't offer a price match (which is strange considering it's the same business), so I said no thanks. Polapremium had a Black Friday sale of their own in the morning and had discounts on their Artistic TZ and Fade to Black SX-70 film. So I ordered 2 packs of each. Great price and easy ordering. Via twitter, they even ensured that it shipped out same day and sent me the tracking number. Didn't even get a blink from the guy at Samy's, looks like I'll be ordering some from Amazon after all. Need to start checking out Freestyle Photo again. I do want to try some of the chocolate peel apart film that Polapremium is offering.

Yesterday, I found a One Step Closeup camera at the local Out of the Closet (kinda like Goodwill or Salvation Army) for $5 and it had what I thought was 3 shots left in it, turns out it had 8 shots (I think)! It counts backwards. Double score! Have no idea how old or how long its been sitting.

This was the first shot, of myself, and got some nice chemical streaking and undeveloped areas in it.

365 2.0/331

This was the second shot that I took today.
365 2.0/332

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