Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Attack of the Killer Crystals!

Just a quick post, I know its been awhile, more to come soon I promise.

Not a Nude

Wanted to post a comparison and show the killer crystals at work that TIP talked about a few months back. Originally I thought this was a PX600 issue, but alas, PX100 as well. After just a few months, this is what has happened to this image. A lot of my other PX shots are doing the same, but no where nearly as severe as this one. On a side note, the detail with the crystals themselves is quite striking, to bad it has to destroy the image in the process. According to Impossible, its a matter of drying them out. I guess its a humidity thing. Here in southern California, the temps are usually pleasant, not to hot not to cool, perfect for not drying out the film. They recommend slicing a few small slits in the back upper white area and also storing your films with silica packs. Glad I didn't wait to scan, not sure how long it took to do this. I know I was pretty shocked. Such is life and adventures with new instant films. This only applies to the PX/PZ Silver Shade films though.

Polaroid SX-70 Sonar, PX100 FF film.

Not A Nude • Attack of the Killer Crystals version


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